Early Years Foundation Stage

Hopscotch operates within the ‘Early Years Foundation Stage’ framework, which recognises the holistic nature of development and learning at this age. With an emphasis on learning through interaction with people and the exploration of the world around them. The framework identifies the individual efforts and achievements of children and that learning and development takes place in all areas of a child’s day and the play they enjoy.

Our building designs, room layouts, furniture, resources and outdoor play areas ensure that children of all age groups and abilities have constant access and free choice to the many areas that support their learning and development. Children at Hopscotch lead their play, with staff sensitively building upon children’s own interests, helping them to engage in activities and reach their full potential.

Learning Journey

During their time with us, each child’s achievements are recorded in a ‘Learning Journey’. This unique book is updated throughout each child’s time with us, from joining us as a baby through to starting school. It is a very special keepsake that not only records your child’s individual development, but is also a special place to keep artwork and mark magic moments, special memories and significant occasions in your child’s time that we have been lucky enough to share with them at Hopscotch.