At your nursery

Under Two’s

At such an early stage of their life, babies are constantly observing and responding to their environment and the people caring for them. Care and nurture are key and the babies are cared for in spacious, brightly coloured rooms meeting that ‘home from home’ feel. Tactile, sensory resources and play, support their continual development and every baby follows their own routine reflecting family life in order to support their gentle transition from home to Hopscotch.

As our Under Two’s reach around 12 months old there is so much to see, so much to do, so much to explore! Children at this age are quite literally ‘into everything’! They are starting to move or have already mastered getting to where they want to be next, their language is developing every day so our team and the environment we provide supports and encourages their natural curiosity in the world around them. Activities are structured to encourage the children to learn using their imagination, creativity and physical skills. Increasing independence means that they access the resources with confidence.

Toddlers (20 months to 36 months)

Every day your Toddler will be developing their independence and personality. ‘Me do it’ chairs and ‘me do it’ resources and equipment ensure that our experienced childcare team supports the development of their self-help, language and social skills.

Toddlers are ready to explore the world around them and the focus in activities for this group is setting the foundations for life-long learning through purposeful play and as your child becomes more aware of their friends around them. We all play together and share in developing new skills every day. Independence is encouraged through feeding themselves and potty training and each child is helped and supported through this when they are ready.

Your child’s language skills will be developing everyday and we support and encourage this by actively listening and encouraging conversation.

Pre-school (33 months plus)

Children in this age group are developing confidence through their learning and are establishing social skills with their friends. The activities they experience daily support their educational development and the more structured days prepare them for their early years’ education when they join school. Child-led play activities help develop skills in early reading, maths, mark-making, information technology and imaginative play.

The way the staff interact with the children encourages both group and independent play to ensure each child develops to their full potential. Our aim is to encourage children in this age group to be active learners for life as their knowledge of the world around them increases everyday.